ExpressoFit Pilates in Fairfax VA

ExpressoFit – A 55-minute revolutionary total body workout to improve health, fitness, image and self-esteem, not to mention that coveted quality called sex appeal!

At our quick stop pick me up fitness café we provide an integrated approach to total mind-body fitness targeting the main pillars of wellbeing:

  • physical strength
  • stamina
  • fluidity and posture
  • mind and body integration
  • higher self esteem through better health and improved image



ExpressoFit is a revolutionary program to enhance muscle performance, boost metabolic and cardiovascular response, provide anti-aging support to delay bone loss and muscle loss while improving posture and coordination.

Work out diligently at least twice a week, and within one month at the Pilates Express Café you will see visible improvements in muscle tone and definition, as well as steady and measured progress towards your personal weight loss and well-being goals.

With every visit to the Pilates Express Café, see that mercury level drop on your stress factor and feel more centered as you create that personal space for mind and body balance.

Introducing ExpressoFit!
ExpressoFit is a 55-minute total body workout combining all the benefits of latest Pilates moves with an added cardio dimension.

A supercharged, Three …Two … One …..shot!

Triple Dose

Pack three conventional routines at your gym into one 55-minute all inclusive upper body, lower body and fat burning cardio to achieve a fully integrated single ExpressoFit session at the Pilates Express Café.

Two in One

Combine 2 in 1, Pilates and Cardio integrated workout that will move you effectively and rapidly towards your fitness and weight loss goals in an accelerated time frame with visible mind-body results.

Single Shot

A single supercharged 55-minute complete all-inclusive routine at the Pilates Express Café!

Improve your body
Improve your Health
Improve your self-esteem and boost your self-image

Reduce your stress
Reduce your fat
Slow the aging process

Burn up to 400-600 calories in a single 55-minute workout.
Combine the benefits of three 55-minute sessions at your local gym with all the power of Pilates

A single shot of ExpressoFit!